ACTIVE-B12 the next level of vitamin B12 testing

Active-B12 (Holotranscobalamin) is a novel and highly accurate way to assess Vitamin B12 status. An ELISA assay for Active-B12 is now available from Axis-Shield.


Part Number FMABT100

This is a simple, direct immunoassay for the quantitation of Active-B12 (Holotranscobalamin) in human serum and avoids the need for the various complicated pre-analytical reduction and extraction steps employed by most Total B12 assays, so removing a possible cause of variability.

  • CE-marked and available in 15 languages.
  • 96-well ELISA assay with break-apart strips.
  • Ready-to-use reagents, compatible with liquid-handling automates.
  • Utilises serum or serum-separator tubes
  • Calibrators and controls included
  • Excellent correlation with other commercially-available assays:


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In October 2011, Axis-Shield launched the Active-B12 test on Abbott’s flagship ARCHITECT analyser. This assay allows Active-B12 to be tested in high throughput laboratories. In December of 2011, the ARCHITECT assay was granted 510(k) clearance by the FDA and is now available in the USA.


Axis-Shield also produces the Active-B12 assay for the Siemens ADVIA CENTAUR platforms. This product is CE-marked and 510(k)-cleared for the USA.