The Active-B12 (Holotranscobalamin) assay from Axis-Shield is a new and innovative way of assessing Vitamin B12 levels and offers improved accuracy, sensitivity and specificity over the current out-dated front-line tests.

We aim to continue to present new findings into the clinical usefulness of measuring Active-B12 (Holotranscobalamin).

We aim to make the test as widely available as possible, in the routine laboratory setting and for research, with the goal of improving the lives of patients suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency.

Keep checking this site for new research findings in this area that should make the task of diagnosing vitamin B12 deficiency easier for the laboratorian, the doctor and the patient.

Crucial Vitamin B12 Facts

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency is estimated to occur in up to 20% of the elderly population
  • A low Active-B12 level is proposed to be the earliest marker of Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • 70% of Vitamin B12 in the blood is biologically inactive. The Active-B12 test measures only the bio-active portion.

Further Information and Active B12 Downloads