8th International Conference on Homocysteine Metabolism Lisbon, June 19-22nd 2011

8th International Conference on Homocysteine Metabolism
Lisbon, Portugal June 19-22nd 2011

Several sessions at the conference focussed on Homocysteine in relation to Vitamin B12. The importance of correctly estimating B12 levels was once again highlighted. Some of the presentations and posters from the conference are shown below. For more information on these presentations, please contact Axis-Shield.

Plasma vitamin B12 and holoTC – between uptake and utilisation
Ebba Nexo (Aarhus, Denmark)
Vitamin B12 intracellular trafficking
Brian Fowler (Basel, Switzerland)
Holotranscobalamin predicts tissue vitamin B12 status (red cell cobalamin) in elderly subjects with significantly greater accuracy than either total serum cobalamin or methylmalonic acid
Anne Molloy (Dublin, Ireland)
Baseline homocysteine is crucially important in trials with B vitamin: the VITACOG trial
David Smith (Oxford, United Kingdom)
Cognitive function in an elderly population: interaction between vitamin B12 status, depression and apolipoprotein E4. the Hordaland homocysteine study
Anna Vogiatzoglou (Reading, United Kingdom)