Vitamin B12 and One Carbon Metabolism in Health and Disease

Vitamin B12 and One Carbon Metabolism in Health and Disease
New Delhi, India 8-10th March 2013

“Vitamin B12 is an important micronutrient linking our diet to health. Deficiency of this vitamin leads to high levels of homocysteine, a key intermediate in the one carbon metabolism pathway that has been associated with several complex disorders. Reports from various parts of India have projected that 30-60% of the population irrespective of the age group are deficient in Vitamin B12.

However, despite the wide prevalence of vitamin B12 deficiency there has been a lack of concerted efforts from the clinicians and researches to understand the importance of vitamin B12 in India and conditions arising due to its deficiency, some of which are trans-generational. This meeting would focus attention on this important public health issue for the Indian population.

The meeting will deliberate on the genetic, epigenetic and dietary factors that predispose Indians to vitamin B12 deficiency and hyper-homocysteinemia and provide mechanistic insights on the role of one carbon metabolism in health and disease”


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