Comment and feedback from our users worldwide on how the use of Active-B12 is helping them to provide an improved service to doctors and patients for diagnosing or excluding Vitamin B12 deficiency. As we receive contributions we will post them here. We will also link to any other media that may be relevant..

1. Dr Ken Sikaris, Melbourne Pathology, Australia

These comments from Dr Sikaris were written in 2008, at which time his laboratory had run approximately 25,000 Active B12 tests. He continues to use the test and has now run over 100,000 tests. He concludes:

“Active-B12 has fulfilled our expectations in being a robust assay that improves the assessment of vitamin B12 status. It provides reassurance to us that we have contributed to improved patient care. The routine availability of this assay differentiates our laboratory as a progressive provider of quality pathology”

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