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IFCC Worldlab/Euromedlab Berlin 2011

Axis-Shield exhibited at the IFCC meeting and also held a workshop on Active-B12 with two invited speakers from clinical chemistry and academia.

A workshop was also sponsored by Abbott Diagnostics where a talk was given by a leading expert on Vitamin B12.

The presentations given at both workshops were very well received and all recommended the use of Active-B12 as a first-line test for diagnosing Vitamin B12 deficiency. The presentations from the Axis-Shield workshop are available to view below, along with a summary of all three presentations.

In addition, a poster was presented by a research group which also concluded that Active-B12 is a superior marker to Total B12.


Professor John Scott, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland:

The diagnostic accuracy of Active B12 using red cell B12 levels to indicate B12 tissue status

  • Active-B12 outperforms Total B12
  • Active-B12 has superior specificity and sensitivity than Total B12

> Euromedlab Berlin 2011 Scott presentation PDF (642KB)

Professor Jan Lindemans, Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, Netherlands:

Outcomes of a multi-centre study and experience with introducing and running Active B12 in the clinical chemistry lab

  • The Active-B12 assay demonstrates a better sensitivity and specificity in detecting vitamin B12 deficiency than the Total B12 assay in a mixed collection of diagnostic samples
  • For the detection of B12-deficiency, Active-B12 can replace Total B12 as a first-line diagnostic aid; no reason for combination with Total B12.

> Euromedlab Berlin 2011 Lindemans presentation PDF (748KB)

Professor Wolfgang Herrmann, Dept of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, University Hospital of Saarland, Germany:

Clinical implication and methods used to detect early development of Vitamin B12 deficiency

  • HoloTC is…a sensitive and powerful marker of low B12 status
  • Total Vitamin B12 underestimates the prevalence of vitamin b12 deficiency
  • HoloTC is related to brain shrinkage and indicates sensitive cognitive impairment

E. Haschke-Becher, M.Linnebank, B.Fowler, A.Kainz, I.Aigner, P.Niedetzky, WJ.Erwa, O.Stanger

Effectiveness of serum Holotranscobalamin II and/or Vitamin B12 in diagnosis of vitamin B12 deficiency

  • HTC has a high accuracy in identifying non-depletion. Therefore it is an ideal entry marker that allows to stop further testing after identification of non-depletion.
  • HTC has a significantly better positive predictive value in the depletion group than total serum vitamin B12.
  • HTC is a more reliable indicator than total serum vitamin B12 in this healthy population with normal renal function and should be used to screen for vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • HTC might reach an even better sensitivity and specificity than calculated from this study, if it can be established as an early marker for B12 depletion that precedes MMA elevation with high accuracy as described in a recent publication.

> Euromedlab 2011 Haschke-Becker poster (553KB)